An air conditioning system is made up of various parts that play an important role in its operation. The air conditioner mainly depends on refrigerant when cooling your home as it is responsible for absorbing heat from your home while allowing for the distribution of cool air. A thermostatic expansion valve or a thermal expansion valve is an important part of your system as it helps regulate the supply of refrigerant throughout the system. The thermal expansion valve is useful in ensuring that your system uses only the required amount of refrigerant. Acquiring an expansion valve can benefit you in the following ways.

It Saves You Money

An air conditioner with a thermostatic expansion valve goes a long way in saving you money over time because your system only uses the necessary amount of refrigerant. This leads to optimization of the efficiency of your system, ensuring that your energy bills stay reasonable. The expansion valve also reduces the burden of your system when it comes to maintaining the comfort of your home. A system that uses more energy than necessary is prone to experience breakdowns, unlike an energy-efficient system. This means that you will have to carry out repairs more often and your expenses will increase. A thermostatic expansion valve will ensure that your system runs at peak performance and is energy efficient, helping you save on cost.

Protects Your AC Compressor

More refrigerant than is necessary may sometimes be sent to the system’s compressor. This could end up damaging your compressor and resulting in the need for repairs. A thermostatic expansion valve helps controls the flow of refrigerant through your system; therefore, your compressor avoids damage. This will help you avoid inconveniences such as having to repair or replace your compressor.

Reduces Environmental Impact

Having an HVAC system with a thermostatic expansion valve ensures that it is performing at peak efficiency. An efficient system will lower your energy bills and ensure your system uses limited energy. This will, in turn, diminish the impact of your AC system on the environment. It is, therefore, a good way of conserving energy and the environment.

Increases System Responsiveness

A system with a thermostatic expansion valve is likely to respond to commands faster than one without. For example, when adjusting the temperature on your thermostat, the changes will register on your system faster. This allows you to achieve the most suitable temperature for your home quickly.

Maintains the Right Refrigerant Levels

A system with low refrigerant levels may struggle to satisfy your home’s cooling needs. A botched installation or a leaking refrigerant line could be the cause of the system’s inability to cool. A thermal expansion valve may salvage the situation by helping the system maintain the necessary refrigerant levels. Therefore, the system will be able to cool, and any leak effects on your home’s comfort will reduce. If you notice that your refrigerant line is leaking, you should contact us immediately. The process of fixing the line requires expertise and the right tools, and not having either can be harmful to your health.

Enhances Temperature Control

For people specific on the most comfortable temperature levels, a thermal expansion valve caters to your needs. It controls the flow of refrigerant through your system based on the set temperature. This, therefore, gives you control over the temperatures and comfortability of your home.

Provides Consistent Temperatures

A thermostatic expansion valve helps your AC system maintain consistent temperature throughout the rooms in your home. The design of the expansion valve caters to the cooling needs of all the rooms in your home.

Boosts the Efficiency of Your System

We recommend having a system with a thermostatic expansion valve or having it installed because it allows your system to achieve peak performance. Your system will also perform efficiently, and this will help you save money in the long run. An expansion valve might be what your system needs, and we can recommend the best type or even install a new system for you.

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