Heating Maintenance in Austintown, OH


When autumn rolls around, you'll want to get heating maintenance here in Austintown, OH. While you may be changing your air filter and cleaning your furnace or heat pump regularly, there's a lot more that's required, and only a professional heating tune-up could get it done.

Furnaces and heat pumps depend on the harmonious working of all their parts to deliver warm air effectively. A single problem, such as a leaking air duct, a dirty coil, or a motor bearing that needs oiling, can decrease efficiency, leave you feeling uncomfortable, and even contribute to an increase in your utility bill. At the same time, the system gets stress put on it, and before you know it, you're faced with major repairs and then a complete breakdown. Remember that furnaces can last between 10 and 15 years with a tune-up and that well-maintained heat pumps could go on to provide comfort for two decades.

Austintown Heating Maintenance Overview

A lot can be involved in a typical maintenance visit. Technicians may start by visually inspecting the exterior of the system for signs of wear and tear.

There are also many interior components that need attention.

  • Blower and motor
  • Fan blades
  • Evaporator coil
  • Heat exchanger
  • Furnace burner
  • Furnace ignition assembly

By checking the level of wear and tear, a professional can determine whether you'll need to replace a part or not. Sometimes, they can replace it then and there, but other times, you'll be required to schedule a separate appointment. This will all be up to your discretion once the technicians lay out their findings in a report.

Cleaning is a major part of heating maintenance in the Austintown area. You'll want your coils cleaned regularly because otherwise, they can cause your system to overheat and shut off before reaching the desired temperature. Thermostat calibration will also probably be included; this keeps the thermostat from mistakenly thinking your home is warmer or colder than it is.

Heating Tune-Up for Austintown

A To Z Dependable Services is located to the north in the city of Niles near ETI Technical College. From there, we serve all of the Mahoning Valley. We'll be punctual to your appointment, get right to work, and leave you with a detailed report. You can trust us at every step; thousands of customers have done so ever since we opened in 1960, and they've left us with countless positive reviews as a testimony. Our A+ rating with the BBB reflects our commitment to high-quality work and personalized customer care.

For your heating tune-up, simply call A To Z Dependable Services today.