High Pressure Jetting


High Pressure Jetting is usually best suited for applications where the snake will not do as effective of a job.

Jetting was primarily introduced into the market place 30 years ago by pressurizing water as it comes out the end of a high pressure hose, kinda like a pressure washer.

A to Z Plumbing Service’s primary high pressure jet is capable of producing up to 3,500 lbs of pressure at about 12-14 gallons of water per minute.

The pressurized water is used to break up any blockage and the water flow is used to carry the waste out.

Restaurant Pipe Cleaning Service

Restaurants are a common place where the jet is needed on a regular basis. Restaurant pipes are more prone to becrusted with soap and grease buildup that traditional methods such as snaking are not effective on. The high pressure jetter will break up the blockages around the entire perimeter of the pipe and wash them away.

Other Pipe Cleaning Services

Our high pressured jet is all good at:

  • Cleaning the exterior of your home
  • Cleaning Parking Lots
  • Cleaning Septic Tank Lines
  • Cleaning out footer drains
  • Cleaning out downspouts

If you think your home or business could use a high pressure jetting system in the Youngstown or surrounding Ohio areas, contact A to Z Plumbing and Drain Service.

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