No matter how old your bathroom is, doing a tub-to-shower conversion is a great way to enjoy a safer experience. At A To Z Dependable Services, we have a team of experts who can effectively transform your current tub into a shower. As a highly rated plumbing and HVAC company serving Niles, OH, and surrounding areas, our team can make a bathroom safer for the elderly population or those with mobility limitations.

Choose an Easier and Safer Shower Experience

With our free safety package, we help ensure that your tub-to-shower conversion has the following features:

  • Safety grab bars: Keep your balance with grab bars
  • Comfortable shower chair: Safety precautions with every tub-to-shower conversions
  • Non-slip floor: Minimize chances of a dangerous fall
  • Low threshold entry: Easily enter your shower’s low base

Imagine Having a Safer Experience With a Walk-In Tub

If you or your loved ones have mobility issues that require a safer bathroom structure, a remodel can create a better experience. Instead of having a traditional tub, consider having a walk-in tub installed by our expert techs. Walk-in tubs are also wheelchair-accessible, making it an easy experience no matter what type of mobility device you use.

As experienced bathroom remodelers, we are proud to install walk-in tubs and provide you with the safety and comfort you deserve.

Experience a Bathroom Where Safety Meets Luxury

Walk-in tubs provide a luxurious bathing experience in addition to adding the highest standards in safety features. Imagine being massaged by hydrotherapy jets that soothe tired muscles. Experience fewer aches and pains with the therapeutic effects of these modern tubs. These innovative walk-in tubs offer a convenient hand-held shower wand and an amazingly fast drainage system. They drain three times faster than a normal drainage design. It is the ultimate convenient option for more safety.

Special Customizations

At A To Z Dependable Services, we listen to our customers’ special requests. Besides making your bathing experience safer, we also make it a more beautiful one. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of chic accessories and wall surrounds. We can install practical shelving or anything you think will make your bathroom reflect your style.

Professional Service You Can Count On

Our team of experts will carefully design your tub-to-shower conversions with safety as the number one priority. We can also install your new shower very quickly. Our experienced techs have the skills necessary to complete the job quickly and with the highest level of craftsmanship.

You can count on having a Master Plumber on-site during every installation. We also guarantee the work for your added peace of mind.

We Are Dedicated to Catering to Your Needs

With our free safety package, our team at A To Z Dependable Services is committed to providing you with the best quality service in Niles, OH.

We work fast without compromising quality. Our company sets itself apart from our competitors by providing our customers with the following:

  • Quick installations: New installations are completed within a short deadline
  • Dependable warranties: Our company guarantees all our work including parts and labor
  • Competitive prices: Best deals on the best safe-bathing fixtures in the industry

In addition to providing quality craftsmanship and professional service, we are competitive with our pricing.

Save Money with Our Free Safety Package

With our free safety package, you’ll be able to save money on your bathroom remodeling project with A To Z Dependable Services. It is our goal to provide you with the best options at affordable prices. We know how important it is to enjoy affordability while receiving the best products and installations in the industry.

We understand the importance of having a safe bathing experience. With our money-back guarantee option, we are confident in providing you with the best options for a timely renovation. Our company is dedicated to providing the best options in bath and shower renovations.

A To Z Dependable Services in Niles, OH offers a variety of plumbing and HVAC installations and maintenance, including heating and cooling services. Ask about our financing options, coupons, and membership. Speak to one of our representatives about tub-to-shower conversions and other bathroom renovations in Niles, OH. Are you ready to enjoy a new bathing experience? Call for a free bath and shower renovation consultation today from the professionals at A To Z Dependable Services!

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