If your furnace is starting to have problems after years of reliable service, one big question that immediately comes to mind is whether or not you’ll need to replace it. While this is a necessity in some cases, there are other situations in which your furnace can be repaired for far less than what it would cost to put in a new one. To help you make an informed decision when you have furnace trouble, here are some factors to consider.

The Age of Your Furnace

Most furnaces are rated to last from 15 to 20 years under normal use. After that point, the smaller internal components tend to start wearing out, leading to eventual failure. Of course, exceptional maintenance or lower use can extend the life of your furnace beyond this range, so a certain age doesn’t necessarily demand replacement.

If your furnace is older than 15 years, though, and it’s experiencing significant issues, it’s usually better to replace it because it’s unlikely to recover completely. Consider that you can usually gain significant efficiency improvement with a new furnace, adding to the benefits of replacement.

The Nature of the Problem

Another major factor to help you determine whether to repair or replace your furnace is the nature of the problem. Some furnace issues are so serious that you need to replace the equipment, even if it’s only a few years old. Chief among these issues is the release of carbon monoxide.

If your furnace has gotten to the point that it can’t effectively combust the natural gas and properly exhaust the emissions, then it’s most likely a good time to replace it. On the other hand, if the issue isn’t terminal and your furnace is only a few years old, then repairing it is typically more practical.

Expert Assistance

If you’re encountering furnace issues that seem serious, it’s good to get a second opinion before jumping to the conclusion that you need a new system. At A To Z Dependable Services, we offer professional second opinions and have the expertise necessary to either repair or replace your furnace once the best course of action is determined. We also provide furnace maintenance for customers in and around Niles and perform the same range of services for their cooling equipment. For HVAC expertise of any kind, contact us today.