A malfunctioning toilet flush valve is a frustrating inconvenience in any household. Although some handy individuals may tackle this project themselves, most homeowners call a professional plumber to do the job. If your toilet flush valve needs some attention, here is what you can expect from your plumber.

Arrive With the Right Tools

When the plumber arrives, they will bring an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, a bucket, a sponge, a new flush valve assembly, and waterproof sealant. In addition, they will have additional tools in their truck to address unexpected issues.

Turn Off the Water Supply

The plumber will begin by switching off the toilet’s water supply. They will locate the shut-off valve, which is typically hidden behind or in close proximity to the toilet, and turn it clockwise until it’s fully closed. If the tank still has water, the plumber will drain it by flushing the toilet.

Empty the Tank

Next, the plumber will use a sponge and a bucket to remove any remaining water from the tank. Doing this task will make the following steps proceed more smoothly and with less mess in your bathroom.

Disconnect the Supply Line

The plumber will use pliers to carefully disconnect the water supply line from the bottom of the tank. A small amount of water may come out, but this is not a cause for concern.

Remove the Flush Valve Nut

The flush valve nut secures the flush valve to the bottom of the toilet tank. The plumber will locate the flush valve nut underneath the tank and use an adjustable wrench to remove it. Once the nut is removed, the plumber should be able to lift the old flush valve assembly out of the tank.

Clean the Area

With the old flush valve removed, the plumber will clean any residue or buildup around the opening at the bottom of the tank. A clean surface will ensure a proper seal for your new flush valve.

Install the New Flush Valve

Although installation procedures may vary slightly, installation generally involves placing the rubber gasket over the opening at the bottom of the tank and securing the flush valve assembly with a new nut.

Reconnect the Supply Line

As the plumber finishes the job, they will reattach the water supply line to the bottom of the tank and use pliers to tighten it securely.

Turn On the Water Supply

Next, the plumber will rotate the shut-off valve to switch the toilet’s water supply back on and allow the tank to fill with water. They will check for leaks around the new flush valve assembly and address them as needed.

Test the Flushing

Once the tank fills, the plumber will flush the toilet and observe the flushing action, ensuring that water flows smoothly into the bowl and the tank refills properly after flushing.

Check for Leaks

Before packing up, the plumber will check for any water leaks around the base of the tank and the area where the flush valve meets the bottom of the tank. If leaks are present, the plumber will switch the water supply off again and secure the necessary contact points.

Apply Sealant

If there are no leaks and everything is functioning correctly, the plumber will apply a thin band of waterproof sealant around the base of the flush valve assembly. This extra step can provide added protection against potential leaks.


Finally, the plumber will dispose of old parts and cleaning materials properly. This might include the old flush valve assembly, the rubber gasket, and any nuts or washers. The plumber will gather these components in a plastic bag to prevent any residual water or debris from spreading. Once they’ve collected everything, they will seal the bag and dispose of it according to your local waste disposal guidelines.

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