Sump Pump Services in Niles, OH


Why Choose A to Z sump pump service?

Our experts are available to install or replace your sump pump and a battery backup pump to keep your home or business protected from damage due to flooding. Our technicians also are certified to test, repair and install backflow valves, as well as inspect all components of your drainage system.

Your sump pump and drainage system are likely the only thing standing between you and the serious water damage that can result from flooding or sewer back up. Whether you use your basement for storage, or you have finished living space in all or a portion of it, protecting it from flooding is critical.

Your sump pump and drainage system


Most homes today are designed with a drainage system to continually remove water from the foundation, keeping the basement dry by pumping rain water and snow melt out to a sewer system. Foundation (footer) drains divert water that collects at basement walls to a pit located in the lowest spot in your basement. The sump pump, a small electric pump installed inside the pit, pumps the water out of the pit and out to a sewer or other location away from the foundation. The pump automatically turns on when the water in the pit reaches a certain level.

Along with the sump pump, your drainage system likely has a backflow valve, also called a backflow preventer. This device stops the reverse flow of water that can happen in water supply lines due to pressure changes during flooding or power outages. Such reverse flow can lead to sewage backup that can contaminate potable water. A backflow valve is recommended anywhere potable water entering your home could be cross-connected with wastewater leaving your home.

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Backing up your sump pump

If your sump pump is doing its job, it will go completely unnoticed by you, which means when you do pay attention it’s because your pump has failed, and your basement is wet. A battery-powered backup system is crucial to protect your home.

Sump pumps fail because of a power outage or mechanical failure. Storms often cause power outages, so unfortunately as heavy rain inundates your foundation, your electric powered pump can’t run at the time you need it most. An aging pump may be unable to keep up with heavy rain or a heavy snow melt and the pit overflows.

A battery backup is a sump pump that can handle the load of your primary pump but operates off a battery that is kept charged. It kicks on automatically when it senses that the primary pump has lost power or has failed.

Battery backup systems and backflow valves are the best ways to prevent flooding and sewer backup in the lowest level of your home. A backup pump can give you several hours of additional protection from flooding. A backflow preventer will actually close the line when pressure changes due to storms or other conditions, effectively stopping sewage or storm water from backing into your drains.


We install Ion Technologies StormPro battery backup systems

The StormPro 30ACi and 30ACi Deluxe is a Complete Flood Control System that includes 1 or 2 heavy duty 1/3 HP sump pumps (deluxe model) complete with a battery backup power solution and pump alternating system. Each pump is powerful enough to be installed as a primary pump and can replace an existing primary sump pump, however, the second sump pump is installed as the backup to the primary pump.

The backup powerpack stores electricity in an internal battery, providing instantaneous power to the sump pump in a power outage.

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