Sump Pumps

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We handle some of the toughest and dirtiest jobs in the plumbing business. This includes the installation of new and replacement sump pumps, battery operated back up pumps, and backflow valves. A to Z Plumbing & Drain Service is certified to install and repair sanitary backflow valves, as well as conduct annual testing for backflow valves and other components of your drainage system.

What is a Foundation Drain?

Weeping tiles may also be referred to as foundation drains. Foundation drains, or footer drains, are located underneath and around the basement walls. They collect ground water and divert it from seeping through to the basement floor and walls. Many homes now have sump pumps that collect the water from the foundation drains and divert it elsewhere, like the lawn or storm drain. Many homes built prior to 1954 have foundation drains that connect directly to the sewer lateral, the pathway to the sanitary sewer system (these must be disconnected before installing a backwater valve). Some homes built before 1920 have no foundation drains at all. Thankfully, the experts at A to Z can help you find the best solution to your drainage problem, regardless of if your home is a year old or a hundred years old.

What is a Sump Pump?

The sump pump is a small electric pump that is placed into a circular pit at the lowest part of the basement or crawlspace, where water would naturally flow to. Excess water from rain, melting snow, and the foundation drainage system are piped into this pit. As the sump pump pit fills with water, the pump is activated. The water is then pumped out of the pit through piping that expels the water outside, away from the home. Sump pumps are not found in all homes, but sump pumps are required in homes that might have flooding issues since the U.S. Federal Clean Water Act and its amendments have been enacted.

Sump pumps tend to go hand in hand with installing backwater valves. The foundation drains can no longer be connected to the sanitary sewer line once a backwater valve is installed. If the foundation drains remain connected to the sanitary sewer line, the weeping tiles or foundation drains can become backed up and leak into the house when the backwater valve is closed. The foundation drains therefore must be connected to the sump pump. Without a sump pump, there’s nowhere else for the backup to go, but into the house. This back up can cause structural damage.

Why install a backup system for your sump pump?

The StormPro 30ACi and 30ACi Deluxe is a Complete Flood Control System, which includes 1 or 2 heavy duty 1/3 HP Sump Pumps (Deluxe model) complete with a battery back-up power solution and pump alternating system. Each pump is powerful enough to be installed as a primary pump and can be installed as replacement to an existing primary sump pump. The second sump pump is installed as a secondary pump, which will back-up the primary sump pump.

The included back-up powerpack is powerful enough to provide back-up power to the included sump pumps for up to 20 hours.* The back-up powerpack stores household electricity in an internal battery and provides instantaneous power to the sump pump when utility power fails. The StormPro back-up powerpack is a clean, quiet, smart alternative to a generator, produces no emissions and is safe to operate indoors

The included ION GENESIS Pump Controller (Deluxe model only) will cycle each pump as needed: if one pump fails the other pump will take over and sound an alarm. Additionally, the unit has a built-in main pump switch failure override, high water alarm and is capable of connecting to your home security system or optional dialer.

*Operating hours calculated based on a typical average cycling rate of 10%. Actual run times will vary based on actual cycling rates for the installed environment, thus actual run-times may be higher or lower depending on the actual rate at which the pump cycles on and off.

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Digital Level Control Switch With Alarm

  1. First of its kind, solid-state sensing technology with no moving parts with built in high water alarm.
  2. Space age design with no mechanical contact points.
  3. Green light indicates power, orange light indicates pump is activated, red light indicates high water alarm.
  4. Built in dry contacts for remote alarm monitoring.
  5. Multipoint sealing mechanism that supersedes single surface seals.
  6. Inverter rated for use with battery backup systems.
  7. Standard piggy-back style connection for use with manual pumps.
  8. Suitable for sump and certain sewage applications.
  9. System provides integrated monitoring and alarm.

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