Remodeling your home with a new bathroom or water line can be exciting. You may want to move the position of your shower or add a new sink. However, a variety of plumbing projects require a legal permit. Local permit and code requirements keep your home safe and minimize future issues when you go to sell your property. Keep this essential permit and plumbing code information in mind before starting your next home improvement project.

Plumbing Codes

Learning more about national and local permit requirements will minimize confusion and potential delays in your project. Plumbers follow national codes to ensure all families and businesses in the country are safe from potential emergencies or water contamination. Local plumbing codes are often more specific and can supersede national codes.

If you want to complete a plumbing improvement project by yourself, you’ll need to find your county’s local plumbing laws and codes. This information is often found online on your local building and safety department’s website. You may also need to contact them in person or by phone to ensure you have all the information necessary to safely and legally start your plumbing project.

Permits are granted locally and will expire if no work is completed after a designated time. Being prepared and informed will minimize your project costs and potential legal issues.

Necessary Permit Projects

Here are a few plumbing projects that likely need permits in your area. The best way to follow local codes and regulations is by trusting an experienced plumbing company. Whether you’re moving a toilet or replacing a gas or water line, an experienced plumber will know which permits you need and where to get them.

You’ll have to pull permits if you’re replacing part or all of the water supply pipework in your home. This is a significant project that controls your house’s flow and supply of water. Permits are necessary to ensure you don’t lose water access or begin to suffer a huge leak. This project is often completed by professional plumbers who have the tools and resources to safely replace the pipes.

Sewer or drain line replacements also often need permits. Both of these lines deal directly with human waste and wastewater. They need to be up to code to ensure biohazard isn’t leaked into your yard or the environment. A permit also helps to protect your family from being exposed to hazardous materials.

Remodeling projects like moving your plumbing may require a permit depending on the size of the project. Any residential or commercial building must follow code requirements. Incorrectly moving your plumbing can affect your home’s water supply. Experienced plumbers can walk you through the requirements of any remodeling project with ease.

Importance of Permits

Building codes and regulations can be difficult to parse through if you don’t understand the jargon. While getting the right permits may seem like a complicated process, it’s necessary to protect your family and indoor comfort. The best way to keep your home code compliant is by trusting highly skilled and trained professionals.

It can be difficult to know which plumbing projects require permits. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when changing your house’s plumbing. Plumbing companies have extensive experience pulling permits and completing complicated home improvement projects. They also know who to contact in your county to get those permits quickly.

Don’t risk your comfort or safety by attempting DIY plumbing without permits. Trust experienced professionals to expertly install or replace your fixtures and appliances. Investing in a quality plumber gives you access to their skill set, tools, and experience. While it may initially cost more to call in a professional, you’ll save on repair and damage costs in the future.

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