You probably have air fresheners or candles in your bathroom to ensure there is a pleasant scent. However, sometimes the sewer smell in your bathroom won’t go away. Sewer smells in your bathroom can be irritating and hazardous. When waste accumulates and decays inside your sewer pipes, you will likely experience sewer smells that can leak gases, such as methane and ammonia, to your bathroom. These gases can lead to severe health issues, such as memory loss, headaches, asphyxiation, and poisoning. You can prevent these consequences by understanding the possible causes and how to deal with sewer smells in your bathroom.

Water in the P-Trap Has Evaporated

One of the causes of sewer gases in the bathroom is water evaporating from the P-Trap in your bathroom. It leaves the room prone to sewer odors. The P-Trap is the piping section underneath the sink that takes the “U” shape. When your plumbing system is functional, some water remains in the p-trap even after flushing your toilet, emptying the bathtub, or turning off the faucet. The water that remains in the P-Trap acts as the barrier to sewer odors getting into your bathroom. Try pouring some water into your bathroom’s drains to block the smell. You may need a professional plumber if the odor doesn’t go away.

All Clogged Up

A clog in the drains could cause the sewer smell in your bathroom. You can try unclogging with a plunger, but it only works if the clog is simple. However, if the blockage is too hard, you might need professional plumbing services to unclog your bathroom drains. A plumber will inspect your toilet and bathroom drains for clogs using specialized tools and unclog them to prevent recurring drain clogs.

Improperly Installed or Cut Vent Pipe

A poorly installed or cut vent pipe could be the reason behind sewer smells in the bathroom. The vent pipe sends gas smells from the bathroom so that you don’t feel them. However, they are unable to get rid of odors if installed in the wrong place. If the sewer smell originates from the wall, it could be due to a cracked vent pipe. Hire a professional plumber to inspect the cut vent pipe and fix the issue.

Leaky Wax Ring Seal

A leaky wax ring can also cause sewer smells in your bathroom. A broken seal causes the wax ring to leak over time, allowing the sewer gas to get to your bathroom underneath the toilet. You might need to remove the toilet to replace the wax ring temporarily. Another way of eliminating the sewer gas caused by leaky wax ring seal is using plastic shims between the toilet shim and stool so that the toilet doesn’t rock and damage the wax ring.

A Buildup in the Sink’s Overflow

If your sink has an overflow mechanism, it could quickly buildup, causing sewer gas in your bathroom. The hole offers relief when the sink is overfilled. The overflow, like other plumbing elements, can accumulate grime over time, causing the sewer odor. Fortunately, it’s something you can quickly fix. Try cleaning the overflow hole with a bottle brush to get rid of the buildup. Consider calling a plumber for inspection and repairs if that doesn’t work.

Toilet Damage

Wear and tear on your toilet can be the reason why you smell sewer gas in your bathroom. The tiny gaps on a wax sealing can allow sewage gas into the bathroom. A wobbly toilet can also cause the smell. A hidden crack in the toilet bowl causes a leak, dropping the water level and causing foul odors into the bathroom. Fortunately, a plumber can solve toilet damage issues to eliminate the sewer smell in your bathroom.

Cracked or broken Sewer Line

A cracked or broken sewer line can be the reason for sewer smells in your bathroom. A simple fault like a loose connection joint can cause issues that cause sewer smells. It’s wise to call a professional plumber to inspect your plumbing system as soon as you detect a leak to invest the fault further.

The Shower Drain

The products you use to shower can form a biofilm. If you have noticed a pink or orange film in your bathroom, it could cause sewer smells. The film is made of bacteria that can cause the shower drain to smell like sewage. Fortunately, you can clean the biofilm to get rid of the bacteria that cause sewer smell.

Now you know the issues that could be causing the sewer smell in your bathroom. We are the leading plumbing company in Niles and can help to eliminate the sewer smell from your bathroom. You can turn to our professionals for drain services, septic tank cleaning, emergency plumbing services, sump pump services, and high-pressure jetting. Are you looking for reliable plumbing services in Niles? Call A To Z Dependable Services today to schedule an appointment.

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