Heating Maintenance in Cortland, OH


If you've never had heating maintenance done in Cortland, OH, now is the time to start. A heating tune-up will only take an hour or two out of one of your days, but it will repay you with reliable heating throughout the winter. Get this done in the autumn, when things aren't so cold yet, and you won't need to be left without heat when you most need it.

It's easy to understand how maintenance benefits a furnace or heat pump. We all understand that no machine lasts forever; parts wear out, dirt and dust get inside, wiring becomes loose, or leaks develop. These can affect the quality of the heating or maybe prevent the system from turning on in the first place. Just as you're experiencing lukewarm air, you'll likely notice that your energy bill is rising dramatically. With maintenance, you avoid these situations and get the most out of your furnace, which can be 10 to 15 years.

Understanding Heating Maintenance in Cortland

What does maintenance consist of? This can depend on the company and the plans they offer. Sometimes, customers can choose between different levels of protection based on factors like their budget and the system's age.

Usually, maintenance will include a(n):

  • Visual inspection of the system
  • Inspection for leaks
  • Check for proper air pressure and airflow
  • Inspection of wiring and electrical terminals

You don't want loose wiring in your system; that's a fire hazard. Gas leaks in furnaces and refrigerant leaks in heat pumps won't do your health or the environment any favors either. Then there are leaks in the air ducts, which will waste the energy your system generates and leave certain rooms cold no matter how long the cycle. These concerns can fall by the wayside when you get maintenance.

During their visit, technicians may also lubricate certain parts, such as the motor bearings, replace any old components or encourage you to schedule a repair for a later date, and calibrate the thermostat so that it can read your indoor temperature better.

Cortland's Heating Tune-Up Source

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