Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing Company in Hermitage, PA

With over 50 years of tradition serving as a local plumber in Hermitage, PA, and the surrounding areas, A To Z Dependable Services has also evolved as a well-known heating, cooling and plumbing company. You get the same great service with our experienced team for all your home services needs. We offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and disabled, and take pleasure in providing personal service for all.

Our 24/7 service makes sure you don’t have to worry about plumbing concerns or shiver on a cold winter’s night waiting for the work day. We have over 1,500 great reviews about our services, and a BBB A+ rating as well. We like making your life easier, so after pickleball at Buhl Farm Park, you can cool off at home with perfectly managed temperature and humidity!

Trusted Plumber and HVAC Repairs in Hermitage, OH

As your local plumber and HVAC contractor, A To Z Dependable Services takes care of you in Hermitage with expert cooling repair, heating repair, and plumbing repair services. Our heating cooling and plumbing company is available 24/7 for urgent problems. Our people are carefully selected so you can trust them in your home.

With vehicles loaded with parts and test equipment, we can often uncover and repair HVAC or plumbing problems as soon as you notice a small leak or hear an unusual sound. We provide clear quotes so you’re always in charge when there’s work to be done.

Many times, we can make a small fix such as an air filter or fan belt replacement to restore HVAC performance. Our plumber can use video to discover and retrieve a lost object in your drain that you thought was a clog!

When you need repairs, our HVAC contractor and plumber experience makes the difference. Give us a call for:
  • AC or furnace doesn’t start
  • Airflow issues during heating or cooling
  • Slow drains
  • Faucet, shower, and toilet malfunctions
  • Plumbing leaks

Hermitage, OH Professional Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Company Installation Services

Boardman Heating & Cooling ServicesWhenever there’s a need for new plumbing, at A To Z Dependable Services we answer the call. We provide new installations and rough-ins for new construction and remodeling. When it’s time to update your sinks and faucets for a new look, or install a water-saving toilet or shower, we’ll do it right.

We’re glad to answer questions about your choice of water heater replacement, such as whether gas or electric might be best for you. Hybrid and tankless hot water can make a big difference on your energy bill, and we’ll provide expert installation for these. As your home ages, we can provide advice. You may need replacements for corroded metal or degrading plastic pipes, or a whole-house repiping.

Is your AC, heat pump, or furnace in its second decade? Let’s talk about heating replacement and cooling replacement so you’ll be ready when it’s time. In fact, with the higher efficiency of newer models, you may find replacement before failure is a good strategy to reduce your energy bills.

Let us tell you about SEER2 ratings, new variable-speed AC and modulating furnaces, and answer any questions you have. At any time, you can improve your air quality and comfort with indoor air quality feature installation as well. Clear the air that’s circulating, and keep its moisture steady. Whenever we work in your home, we clean up, too!

Expert HVAC Contractor and Plumbing Maintenance Care

With all the benefits of plumbing and HVAC maintenance, you’ll find it’s a wise choice to make some time and schedule yours. In particular, we recommend whole-house drain cleaning to get everything flowing beautifully and reduce the risk of deep clogs.

Video inspection to check your drains also yields information about the condition of the pipes, which is important when they get older to avoid leaks. The same goes for your sewer line, where we can catch issues and arrange trenchless repairs before things get messy!

Heating maintenance and cooling maintenance by A To Z Dependable Services is a thorough cleaning of your system, indoors and out. The weather blows all kinds of material into compressor units, and sometimes we find nests inside with related damage!

Our skilled heating cooling and plumbing company experts carefully inspect your system as they provide tune-ups as well, raising overall efficiency and reducing furnace exhaust gases. A safety check of your heat exchanger is a critical feature to protect against carbon monoxide leaks.

A To Z Dependable Services is your reliable heating cooling and plumbing company in Hermitage with 24/7 emergency service. Give us a call today!