Do you ever walk into your bathroom and see all of the changes you want to make? Well, now is the time to finally get these things done. Sure, bathroom renovations cost money upfront, but they also offer a lot of benefits. Here are six benefits of doing a bathroom renovation.

1. Makes the Bathroom More Spacious

People get frustrated when they don’t have enough room in the shower. They may end up bumping into things or even hurting themselves. One of the main goals of many bathroom renovations is to increase the amount of space. One way to do this is to use smaller appliances. Another way to do this is to actually tear down a wall and make the room physically bigger. Once this is complete, the room will feel more luxurious. It can also help if two people need to use the mirror at the same time.

2. Enlarges Storage Space

You’ll be surprised how much storage space you need in your bathroom. You need to store towels, extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies, just to name a few. You need space to put everything somewhere. During your renovations, you can install new cabinets with more storage. Of course, you want to pick cabinets that don’t take up any extra room unless you have plenty of space to spare. Talk to our team at A To Z Dependable Services to learn about creative ways to increase storage without taking up more space. A few well-placed shelves or a new sink with storage underneath can make a world of difference.

3. Showcases Your Style

Your home is a place where you get to express your unique sense of style. You have the opportunity to decorate your home however you want it to look. Renovating your bathroom opens up worlds of options for you. It all starts with the materials you use for counters and shelving. You’ll also get the chance to pick the color theme in the room, including paint for your walls, rugs and shower curtains. Finally, you can hang up different decorations. You can use a beach theme, a safari theme or any theme you desire. The choices are entirely up to you. Take a look at other bathrooms on Pinterest if you need inspiration, or just hire a decorator.

4. Increases the Value of Your Home

When people are in the market to buy a house, one of the rooms they consider strongly is the bathroom. They want to move into a house with a bathroom they like. For this reason, bathroom renovations can be quite handy if you plan on selling your house. With a little work, your bathroom could look brand new. Also, bathroom renovations tend to offer a return of 102%. Not only can it make your bathroom look nicer, but it could even increase the value of your home. That’s a win-win.

5. Keeps Guests Comfortable

As a host, it’s your job to make people as comfortable as possible, and the bathroom can be one of the most uncomfortable rooms in the house. First, you want the bathroom to be comfortable aesthetically. Make it look, feel and smell nice when someone walks in. You should also provide adequate ventilation to help spread air around after someone uses the facilities. You should do what you can to reduce noise from the bathroom, too. You don’t want to hear your guests when they’re using your bathroom.

6. Improves Energy Efficiency

Many people don’t realize that the bathroom is a place that takes up a lot of water and other resources. That’s why you should go into your renovations with the planet (and your checkbook) in mind. Look into toilets and showerheads that use less water than normal. You should also install LED or CFL light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs. You’ll notice that your utility bills will be significantly reduced. Of course, you should also encourage people to take shorter showers and turn the water off while brushing their teeth, too. You can’t expect new appliances to do it all.

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