The fall season is a time of transition, and it gives you time to prepare for a cold Niles winter. During this season, it is a good idea to start getting your home ready for winter too. Your plumbing may be more vulnerable during the winter months, especially when the temperatures dip below freezing. Frozen and ruptured pipes are common this time of year and can result in water damage and costly repairs. With a few simple tasks during the fall season, you can prepare your plumbing for the winter.

Get a Plumbing Inspection

Fall is the ideal time to have an annual plumbing inspection. They will check out your system and perform the necessary maintenance. If any components require repair or replacement, they will talk to you about the best way to tackle them. During the inspection, they can also do any winterizing tasks.

Disconnect and Drain Outdoor Hoses

Outdoor faucets have direct exposure to the freezing weather outside, so it is important to drain the water to prevent freezing. Make sure to also remove the hose and put it inside so that it does not freeze. If you leave water in your hose and it freezes, the hose can burst. Your plumber can turn off the outdoor water supply so that you can be sure that everything is dry throughout the winter.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

Frozen pipes are one of the most concerning issues during the winter months. A plumber can look at your pipes and let you know which ones would most benefit from insulation. Any pipes located in unheated areas of your home are good ones to insulate, such as pipes in your attic, basement, or crawlspace. Your plumber will use heating tape or insulation sleeves to create a barrier by wrapping your pipes.

Insulate Your Water Heater

Insulating your water heater helps to make it operate more efficiently. When it is more efficient, it can save you on energy costs and help to keep the water temperature more consistent. Water heater insulation is especially important if this appliance is in an unheated area of your home, such as a garage. Plumbers will use a water heater blanket to insulate it.

Seal Gaps and Cracks

Any gaps or cracks can let cold air in which can lower the temperature inside your home. You want to pay special attention to the walls, windows, and doors that are near any pipes in your home. Your plumber will use weatherstripping or caulk to seal any gaps or cracks to better seal your home against the cold winter air.

Check for Leaks

Leaks can get worse during the winter months, and they increase the risk of mold growth and water damage. A plumber can inspect your faucets, water-based appliances, and pipes to see if any of them are leaking. It is vital to have them even address minor drips because these could become a bigger problem as the winter season progresses.

Service Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump in your home, the fall season is the ideal time to have a plumber come out and service it. They will look at the individual parts and make sure that no replacements or repairs are necessary. A professional will let it run to listen for odd noises that could indicate an issue. They will also clean the different components so that your sump pump is ready when you need it.

Clean Downspouts and Gutters

You should have a professional complete this task to ensure safety and so that they do it correctly. When there are clogs in your downspouts and gutters, these could eventually make their way into your home’s drainage system. Any overflow could also cause issues with your foundation, especially as it freezes and thaws during the temperature swings of winter.

Locate the Main Water Valve

Talk to your plumber about the location of your home’s main water valve and have them show you how to shut it off properly. Should a pipe burst due to freezing, you should turn this off right away while you wait for your plumber to come and tackle the repair. This can prevent severe water damage.

Plumbing Professionals in Niles

The fall season is the perfect time to prepare your plumbing for the cold winter ahead. Our expert plumbers can help you to tackle everything to winterize your plumbing. We can also help you to develop a maintenance plan for other areas of your home. Our team of professionals is also available for your HVAC maintenance and any repairs you need in this area.

Contact A To Z Dependable Services in Niles today to ensure that your plumbing is ready for the cold winter months.

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