A thermostat is a device that helps you regulate temperature levels. It does so by activating or deactivating your AC system whenever the system goes below a certain level. With an optimized mode, you will be able to run your system at an efficient rate.

However, an ineffective setting might lead to increased energy bills as your system will work hard to maintain the set temperature levels. Additionally, running your system on an ineffective thermostat mode could cause extra tear and wear on your system.

Before you proceed to change your thermostat, it’s essential that you understand its various modes and what they mean. Different settings will result in different cooling or heating levels. Read through the guide below to understand the various thermostat settings and the comfort they offer to your home.

“Auto” and “On” mode

One of the common thermostat modes is running your system, whether the setting is “auto” or “on.” An “on” mode means that your system will constantly run to either cool or heat the indoor air.

Additionally, your system will keep running the whole day when it’s in the “on” mode. Although this mode is ideal for circulating the air within your entire house, it consumes considerable energy and leads to increased energy bills.

On the other hand, the “auto” mode helps you run your system depending on temperature changes. With this mode, it usually turns on and then off after it attains the selected temperature. One of the main benefits of this setting is that your system doesn’t run for the whole day, reducing utility bills. This is the most recommended mode if you need to cool or heat your home. You can save even more energy with a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat comes with an option of activating your system at specific hours of the day.

“Cool” and “Heat” Settings

The “cool” and “heat” thermostat modes help you either cool or warm your house, depending on the choice selected. If your home is extra warm, you can set your thermostat to the “cool” mode and vice versa if it’s too cold.

In addition, you can set the two modes to “off” and still operate the system using just the fan. Running your system while the thermostat is off will allow you to circulate the fresh air in your house without cooling or heating it. When you work your system on this setting, it functions similar to your ceiling fans.

“Home” and “Away” Settings

With a smart thermostat, you can enjoy the benefit of running your system at maximum efficiency. One of these benefits is setting your system to detect when you or your family is indoors.

Once the thermostat detects anyone in the house, it will activate the system to cool your home. The procedure usually saves you time and resources as it happens automatically.

“Temperature” Mode

Generally, “temperature” mode might be the most significant control on the various thermostat setting. It is through the “set temperature” levels that your thermostat cools or heats your home. The temperatures you set will directly impact your utility bills.

Depending on the season, try to set the recommended temperatures. For example, 78 degrees Fahrenheit is highly recommended during the summer. If not you’re warm or cool enough, you can adjust the temperatures by increasing or reducing the temperature one or two degrees until you attain your desired levels. To save on energy bills, you might need to set the thermostat for different temperature levels when you’re away.

Maximize Your System Efficiency

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